2020 Old Settlers Festival cancelled due to COVID-19!

Since COVID hit, I assembled a committee to begin making decisions regarding the 2020 Old Settlers festival. I cannot thank those individuals enough for all the hard work and time that has gone into this difficult year.

The first decision was to reschedule the June event to a modified event in the Fall. Preparations for that event continued until recently when the committee determined that the current COVID status led us to the conclusion to not put on an event this year. There are other community events still planning to be held but the 3-day event we were working on will not be. There is just too much planning to go into it and the chance of having to cancel just seems too great, as does the risk of further infection to Whitley County citizens. In addition, the further decision to not have a Thursday OSD registration day has been made, as difficult as that was to cancel.

I spoke to a longtime resident and past president about if there were other times in our history where the event was cancelled. He thought during WWII that there were cancellations, but he could not recall other instances. But Old Settlers has traditionally been able to persevere, and we will (hopefully!) be back in full force next year to put on our OSD event for Whitley County and to provide grants to those organizations deserving and in need of support.

Looking back historically, Old Settlers was just a one-day event and people from all over the County came into town to celebrate. While we had hoped that this year, we would be able to look back to those times and gather the community over at least a few days to celebrate our history, our families, our friendships, our perseverance, our support for one another and all those wonderful things that make Whitley County our place to call home, we still know that our community is united in spirit and that we are still all there for one another during these difficult times.

I look forward to seeing everyone around the community and in 2021.
Thank you so much and take care.

Marcia McNagny
2020 OSD President