60 Years of Sweetness: The Story of Gay Martin’s Lemonade Stand at Old Settler Days”

Years ago, Gay Martin and a friend, who had ponies, had been part of local fairs providing pony rides since they were 13 or 14 years old. While at a fair they had a chance meeting with a gentleman who had a lemonade stand at the state fair. This venue seemed appealing to these two young men and they started their own stand as high school graduates. And where did they launch their new business venture? Old Settler Days in 1960! And they have not missed one OSD since (except for 2020 when the festival did not happen due to Covid).
Mr. Martin said he and his friend saw an article in the paper about the upcoming fair and came to our local American Legion Post to inquire about the OSD festival and happily for lemonade lovers it became a 6 decade collaboration. Gay said back then they sold lemonade for .20 a glass.
As time passed his friend went on to operate Ponytown campgrounds and pony rides in Huntertown. And fortunately for all of us who look forward to enjoying a glass of Martin’s lemonade every summer during OSD, Gay continued on with the lemonade stand. He said working the stand during the summer is what helped pay for his college education to become a physical education teacher. Being a teacher and basketball coach he continued to operate the lemonade stand throughout the summers.
Gay has since retired from teaching but the lemonade stand is still a summer mainstay for him and his family as it became a family affair over the years. His wife Roslynn, son, daughter and grandchildren are part of his lemonade legacy.
At one time the Martins had 2 stands and participated in festivals not only in Indiana, but Ohio and Michigan as well. Now in more recent years they only do more local festivals and we are so very pleased they chose to continue to grace OSD and set us up with a refreshing glass of their sweetness.
As you stop by their legendary iconic yellow stand for your lemonade “fix” be sure and tell the Martins thank you for being part of Old Settlers Days for over 60 years!