Honorary Presidents

We are happy to honor our community leaders who have contributed to the festival over the years!

R. H. Maring*

John T. Clapham*

John H. Shilts*

H. Mel Miller*

George Leininger*

Rob R. McNagny*

Harry Yoder*

Hildreth Jacobsen*

Grant Weick*

Clyde Billman*

Jack Hancock*

Byron Beaber*

Dewitt Phillips*

John Ginder*

Earl E. Fisher*

Paul Pinckley*

Castle Bridge*

David Malcolm*

Argyle Luckenbill*

Forrest Orr*

R.B. Brumbaugh*

Hester Adams*

John Q. Adams*

Walter A. Firestone*

G. Scott Gates*

Edgar M. Lorber*

F.F. Morsches*

Arthur S. Nowels*

Edgar Strouse, Sr. *

Adrian Scott*

Hartwell Giles*

Less Gross*

Ned Simmons*

Thomas Heinley*

Harriet Gates*

Edward Berwert*

Gloria Smith Robert Thomas*

Rick Kreps Richard Smith*

Cliff Anderson

Vickie Anderson

Thelma Bloom*

Eleanor Trier*

Marilyn Kimble*

Jill Chapman

Mike Christie

Michelle Patton